Stovetop Smoked Spare Ribs (How To)

An inexpensive and easy way to smoke meats in your kitchen! I’ll explain this technique and what you need step-by-step. BBQ RIBS!!! Hickory Smoking Pellets: …

Pumpkin Bread Recipe on the Primo Oval XL! (Pumpkin Ale)

Super easy pumpkin bread recipe, kicked up with some pumpkin ale! See more of my Primo Ceramic Grill videos here:

Thai Inspired Beef Short Rib Sandwich! (Video Recipe)

Hope you enjoy this KILLER Thai inspired sandwich. We did!!! Please check out & enter the discount code, “Food” for 10% off! Food playlist:…

SoCal Cheesesteak Sandwich on the MoJoe Griddle! (Video Recipe)

A very simple version of the famous cheesesteak sandwich, cooked up with some SoCal and Baja flavors. I cooked this on my MoJoe Griddle. Check out MoJoe at:

BK’s Kuru Burger Recipe! (Black Cheeseburger! クールーパール)

My version of the Kuru Pearl Burger being made by the Burger Kings of Japan. Bread Recipe: Cheese recipe:…